About the Band



There are over seven billion people on the planet of whom all are O.G.'s, Original guys and Original girls, in a process that never repeats itself (and you probably thought you had to be an ex gang member to be O.G.) Thus THE ORIGINAL GUYS, two brothers, aka King Clea Arthur and The Wise Man from Compton, California. With a penchant for producing funky beats, and writing whimsical as well as heartfelt lyrics.  Inspired by the likes of Cameo, James Brown, Steely Dan and The Dramatics, to name a few. The O.G.’s have started a completely new genre of music which they call “Funk Rock”, and once you hear their hit “You Really Know How” you will know why.


Wise Man picked up the bass guitar at 14 and taught himself to play, reminiscent of how Jimi Hendrix taught himself guitar.  Despite being teased and told he couldn't play only because he had his own style and created his own original bass lines. He ignored his haters and continued to perfect and develop his own funky and powerful style in a way that makes whomever plays along with,  sound even better regardless of their skills.

King Clea started writing poems which were really raps, before rap was created while a 6th grader. His teacher was so moved by one of his poems, that she had his lyrics stenciled on the halls of his elementary school, further inspiring his writing skills. Later, as a teenager he entered a contest for a King Cobra Beer commercial jingle and won a 500 dollars prize! That was when he knew without a doubt that this was his calling.


Keeping it ORIGINAL: Over the next few years The O.G.’s auditioned several guitarists and keyboard players, and while their peers played top 40 music, the G's stuck to their guns and refused to play or sample what they described as "music someone else already got paid for". This made it more challenging to get paid gigs and even more difficult to keep a band together. The O.G’s however continued producing on their own, and developed a compilation of songs including, “Fast Money”, “Walking through Watts”, “Miss me”, and “You don’t give a damn” to name a few.   Although they did have a few band members who always believed in them and would play because not only did they sound good together, but it was also a chance to for them to flex their creativity and contribute. The Original Guys found a degree of success when decided to rent halls and sell tickets to their own gigs. This was an arduous task especially with no manager or agent, but they made it happen. 


The Original Guys released their first commercial single "Fast Money" in 1980's, a cult classic hit on their own label ORIGINATOR RECORDS. The ORIGINAL GUYS are back with their first single “INVISIBLE”, and after many years and many different experiences, this one is definitely a commercial crossover hit. They are a living example of perseverance and tenacity, of acting on something you know in your heart that won't go away, believing in a dream, not being afraid, and taking the first steps to make it happen.